Model A 50L/week furnished 0 prims
Model B 150L/week partially furnished 50 prims
Model C 150/L week partially furnished 50 prims

Keyhole Towers is a singles rental community. There is no true privacy, and in fact the concept of the voyeur is encouraged.

Web cams via desktop computers and laptops are provided which allow the user to check into other tenants rooms, either known or unknown. Invited or not.

(You must have your preferences allow this)

Conversing with other Keyhole Towers tenants and interact through the webcam cameras. (How you converse, roleplay or other is up to you, through IMs or Group Chat/Conference calls.)

The rental skyboxes themselves are fully furnished and functional. The rooms/rental are not designed for personal decoration. Changes can be made to rentals on request, such as color schemes and picture frame images. The usage of personal furniture and items is unavailable.

The requirements needed for their function is AVsitter Experience enabled. As well as the parcels Experience Teleport System. Without these, the rentals will not function as intended.

Each Skybox Rental is subject to change and update, and if required will be done with as little disruption as possible.

All Keyhole Towers Tenants will be treated at Tabby’s Club VIP Guests. Any amenities and event invitations provided to Tabby’s Club VIPs will be extended to Keyhole Towers tenants.

Keyhole Towers are rentals, they are not skyboxes provided for random encounters outside of Keyhole Tenants without invitation. Using the skyboxes without invitation will result in parcel and potential sim ban.

Tabby Mercury (Owner)
Angelixa (Manager)